It is our mission to provide Strategic IT Consulting services for investment protection with focus in adding value to Legacy Systems, from here on toW incorporating applications data and streamlining business operation to achieve the highest return on investment from every dollar they spent on the Information Technology. 

Who is Wiseco

Wiseco is a middleware company who provides solution to address corporations' need to integrate their legacy systems, like IBM Mainframe and AS/400, to other application platforms. We are distributor of well known vendors like BCD Software, Fiorano, Hit Software Inc. and NetManage to extend their product reach to the local market and use them to address corporations' need to modernize their legacy systems.

What is available with Wiseco

We are providing solution to address customer's requirement to their legacy systems' connectivity, integration and modernization need. We'll be your best business partner whenever you have new initiative that involve your legacy boxes and need someone to suggest a solution.

Dinosaur is not our name, we also understand corporations' need for handy executive reporting tool and created Sigma Report. The intuitive point and click interface makes reports generation much easier now.

We also provide full feature SOA suite from Fiorano to gear your IT department with the most powerful tool to get all your enterprise applications integrated at the least number of days.